About Us

What We Do

We help our customers to be more efficient and profitable by helping them find, analyze and use the most relevant information needed for their business. Odysci provides a variety of knowledge management applications to small, medium and large enterprises in our four core competencies: E‑Commerce, Customer Support, Enterprise Search and Data Mining.
Our passion is to transform complex technologies into products and services that help our clients become more and more successful. Our product line is focused on E‑Commerce and Customer Support applications, whereas Enterprise Search and Data Mining are part of our customized projects portfolio.

What Makes Us Different

We bring science to the table. We show that by being able to invent, develop and deploy advanced algorithms, we can deliver better results to our customers and theirs.
We love a challenge. If you have a hard problem within our core competencies that your current tools cannot handle – let us give it a shot!

Our Origins

Odysci started in 2009 with the ambitious goal of developing a free web site for searching scientific publications that would be better than existing academic search sites. After 2 years of R&D we launched the Odysci Academic Search site for publications in the computer science, electronics and math related areas. Although our user base is relatively small, we are proud to say that it is regularly accessed by users in over 80 countries.
Starting in 2012, we decided to use our expertise in search and knowledge management to help companies tackle problems in e‑commerce, support, search and data mining.

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