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Odysci’s solutions are applicable to e-commerce sites of any size, from 100 to 10 million products. Small sites as well as very large ones can immediately see benefits from implementing more advanced technologies and get a leg over the competition by having better search, more relevant landing pages, personalized recommendations, etc. All in all, by providing a better user experience.
Yes! Odysci’s products can be integrated many 3rd-party platforms, either directly with their data bases, or through their APIs. The integration of our products with your environment is part of our commitment to make it work for you.
The fact you have an internal IT team makes it easy to work together. The main thing to do would be to sit with your team and identify areas that Odysci works on that would be beneficial to your site and would be complementary to your team’s work.
The default search capability provided by most e-commerce platforms is pretty basic. It does not incorporate synonyms, stemming, spell checking and corrections, specialized ranking or personalization. Odysci Search, on the other hand, incorporates several of these techniques and others, customized according to your content and goals.
Product categorization is a feature that has important implications in the SEO and navigation quality of your site. Product categorization can be a complex problem if you carry products that exhibit a wide range of characteristics. As an example, take 2 shirts, one cotton and one linen. They can be simply categorized as men’s shirts and type of fabric. Alternatively, they can be categorized as men’s shirts, type of fabric, type of collar, sleeves, color, when to use, etc.. A larger number of categories (without going overboard!) can make the user experience simpler and more enjoyable.

Depending on the type of products you sell, the automatic product categorization available in the standard platforms, which is based on manually inserted attributes, can be very error prone. Odysci’s automatic product categorization can minimize manual errors and make the whole process faster and more efficient.

Market places have very distinct characteristics and challenges. When you aggregate products from many sources (i.e., other stores) you may have lots of problems caused by inconsistent descriptions of similar products. This can lead to problems with search, as well as wrong categorization of products, both of which directly affect the user experience. Odysci uses advanced algorithms for product matching, that can, for example, map the products from the partner store categories onto the categories defined for the market place, saving a lot of the manual work involved.
SEO optimizations typically involve changes to the actual pages, the tags used, the keywords, etc. Landing pages are additional and orthogonal to any SEO optimization, but can directly affect the position of your site on Google. Landing pages are the front doors to your site, whose addresses are found by Google and shown to your users. The more doors, or landing pages your site has, the better. However, it is important that these landing pages be relevant! They need to point to groups of products which are closely related to the URLs of the landing pages, so they will not be considered spam. Moreover, more landing pages help users find the products they want more easily. Odysci has products specifically for the creation of landing pages based on the products categories and clusters.
The integration of our products with your e-commerce platform (in-house or 3rd-party) can be done in 2 ways. First, the results can be sent directly to your platform via json, xml, data bases, or APIs. Second, the results may be embedded within an iFrame and rendered directly on your web page.
Our products can be installed locally in your server or in the cloud. For local installs, maintenance is performed remotely in most cases. For cloud-based installs, we use servers from Amazon Web Services which have high reliability and scalability.
Yes! Our products have been implemented in sites with millions of products and thousands of users.
Absolutely! Our pricing model depends primarily on the number of products on your site and the number of visitors you have. This allows us to offer a very attractive price to small sites, and keep the prices transparent as your site grows and demands more resources.

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