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The user finds your site easily and quickly

Multiply the ways the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) can find your site by automatically creating thousands of unique and relevant landing pages.


The user connects your brand and products with his/her own lifestyle

Empower your marketing department to create stories and scenarios around groups of products and automatically generate unique landing pages for them.


The user loves your site and products and makes a purchase - becomes a customer!

Provide an enjoyable, seamless and effortless way for your customers to find what they want to buy through advanced search and multidomain navigation.


The customer loves your personalized suggestions and makes new purchases

Learn the “who buys what and when” and make personalized offers to your customers during and after the buying experience, that will keep bringing them back.


The customer appreciates your post-sales follow up and support, and becomes a loyal customer

Empower your support personnel with fast search and centralized access to all information needed to provide a great level of customer support.

Our Products

Product Lens

Create multiple ways for the search engines to find your site and products that go beyond SEO. Through advanced algorithms for automatic product categorization, clustering and grouping, Product Lens creates thousands of unique landing pages for your site, increasing significantly the amount of relevant information at your site indexed by Google and others.

Automatic product categorization

Automatic landing pages generation

Clustering and grouping

Story Pages

You define a story to tell your customers and associate a group of products with it, Story Pages applies advanced search and clustering algorithms to collect automatically the products in your site most closely related to that story and generates landing pages for the story. This allows the search engines to index them and put your story and products in front of your customers.
Give this power to your marketing people and you’ll see what they can do!

Create stories and scenarios and associate products

Customized landing pages generation

Cross-selling, up-selling

360° Site Explorer

The customer reaches your site. Now you have to deliver a fantastic user experience in order to successfully lead him/her to a purchase.
360° Site Explorer applies powerful search algorithms to find and return the products most relevant to the customer interests. In addition, our multidomain navigation menus, allow the user to navigate through multiple product characteristics, both structured as well as non-structured quickly and easily.

Advanced search

Multidomain navigation

Customized filters and facets

Profile Discovery

The profiles of your customers and your products are extremely important to your e‑commerce operation. Profile Discovery data mining algorithms analyze your log data and extract your customers and products profiles. We then use these profiles to make product recommendations that match the user’s individual interests.
These recommendations can be used during search and navigation, as well as in email marketing and social media campaigns.

Analysis and building of user profiles and product profiles

Personalized recommendations for online experience

Personalized recommendations for email targeting and social media

Deep Support

Great support at every step of the way is the best way to ensure your customers’ loyalty. No matter what the size of your e‑commerce operation is, it is likely that information about products, users, suppliers and employees is scattered around in multiple diverse IT systems and geographies, making it very difficult for the support personnel to find the relevant information and answer the customer quickly.
Deep Support is able to connect to multiple IT systems in different locations and index all their data, allowing fast search and centralized access to all information needed to provide a great level of customer support.

Advanced search for FAQs and online support

Advanced search for phone support

Multiple databases, dozens of file formats, millions of documents

  • Do you know how well the search in your site works?

  • How about your categories and navigation?

  • Are your landing pages plentiful and pointing to relevant products?

  • Are you providing the users with the best possible paths for them to find the products they want?

All these factors affect conversion rates significantly – in many cases, much more than layout issues.

Our complimentary In-Depth Site Analysis looks at the quality of your search, product categorization and landing pages and provides you with a customized report on how your site can be improved and your conversion rates increased through better algorithms.

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